dreading faffcon


What is this heresy you speak?!

Well hear me out.

Friday kicks off FaffCon 4, the Ventura Beach iteration of the enormously popular working voiceover pros unconference. I have been to Faffs 2 & 3, missing the first Faff for the birth of my youngest son (I know, what completely screwed up priorities I have).

For those 2-3 of you who have read postings in this space before, you know that I have, from its inception, cheered from the bell tower (where I am kept under lock and key) all things FaffCon. This year, I even helped out on one the FaffCon committees, taking orders from, er…working with Pam Tierney and Connie Terwilliger.

So why the dread?

Because it will end.

Not forever but just until next time, FaffCon 5. And I hate that feeling.

The saying goodbye, the having to go out and do all the new things I’ve learned how to do from my peers without them all next to me cheering me on, the insights they offered, the secrets that they shared….all end Monday as I board the plane at LAX (ooooooh note to self: buy dark sunglasses, don’t shave and wear a ripped t-shirt to look like a traveling celebrity walking through LAX – albeit a middle aged, short, fat, suburban father looking celebrity who, in that get up, will look more like a street urchin).

So I’ve got to focus on the present while ignoring the future. I’ve got to try and enjoy and be present in every second of the event…taking none of it for granted (much like I try to do in my family life and fail miserably). Keeping in mind all the literally hundreds of people who would like to be in my spot at FaffCon.

And with no effort, I will love every faffing minute of it.

I am grateful to Amy Snively, her committee, the sponsors and all my fellow voice talents who come together in this unique event. I shall learn, share and be enriched.

And I am especially indebted (yet again) to my wife and children who, in spite of my already imposing travel schedule, allow me to further impose on them by my absence during another cherished weekend so that I may learn more and hopefully make a better life for all of us. Thank you…again.

2 Responses to “dreading faffcon”

  1. Have a great time, Peter! 🙂

  2. Will do and hopefully we’ll see you at FaffCon 5!

    Thanks Jodi.

    Best always,