when bad customer service bites you in the…


I did not post the flyer featured in the graphic (double click on the picture to read it) but I have walked past it and read it in a public hallway for months now. Many people pass by this flyer and I have seen many people read it.

I have no beef with the company in the flyer (I only have gas fireplaces), I have no idea the full circumstances of the business relationship nor who posted it so I’m not going to feature the company name or phone number.

But my guess is I probably would allow my fingers to continue to do the walking through the yellow pages after I came across the omitted company’s name.

Bad customer service is always a bad idea. Not taking responsibility for your product is a worse idea. Having the world know you curse out your customers is probably the worst idea of all.

Turns out guerilla marketing works for customers too.

Do you think this is fair on the customer’s part or do you think this is unfair to the company being singled out?

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “when bad customer service bites you in the…”

  1. If it’s a LOCAL company, I’m surprised the flyer has been up that long!

    The thing with customer service is:
    If it’s good, people don’t usually rave about it.
    If it’s bad, people will tell everyone they know about their horrible experience.

    (Case in point: Do you think this customer would have put up a flyer telling everyone to make sure to buy their wood from this guy ’cause the transaction went so well…and the wood burned?)

    Bad customer service – let alone cursing out your customer – is NEVER a good idea…but I’m not sure what type of customer this person was either….how does wood not burn…eventually, anyway…..

    But, yeah….you may want to fire a client, but I don’t think cursing them out is ever the answer.


  2. Liz:

    It does make you wonder about the company AND the client, doesn’t it.

    Should we all step back and consider our actions when WE’RE the complaining client?

    Are our complaint actions making us as big a jerk as the company who’s causing us to complain?


    Best always,
    – Peter