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a belated but very deserving birthday wish


Thursday, September 4 was ABC Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s 90th birthday.

And he is still on the air.

And his ratings are still unbelievable (promoted as “the most listened-to newsman in the world”.)

And he is still one of the top paid of ALL American broadcasters.

While missing his dear wife Angel, who died only recently, Paul continues an active although somewhat lessened broadcast schedule.

He is an icon….truly an icon in the world of broadcasting.

Not an icon of radio or TV. Not of national or international work.

Paul Harvey is an icon in the world of broadcasting.

Since you’ve heard him, you know why.

And if you haven’t heard him, listen. Do it now.

Happy birthday, Mr. Harvey. Good day!

su2c – stand up to cancer

Stand Up 2 Cancer SU2C

Tonight, the anchors and managing editors from ABC News, CBS News and NBC News will take over our televisions in prime time.

And it won’t be about an election.

SU2C. Stand Up to Cancer. Please watch and, if you can, please give. Thanks!

the revulsion is still there

remembering the towers

I knew what was going to happen when I started the player. I had seen it hundreds of times from many angles.

Yet today when I clicked on the player, as I watched the event unfold again, my eyes squinted, my hands trembled and my posture was taut.

Knowing that the plane was going to crash into the second tower on September 11th didn’t ease my shock nor did it still the memories of everything that played out in the hours, days, weeks, months and years ahead.

The Internet Archive has collected video from all the major American and UK networks as the events of September 11th unfolded live on TV.

From a journalistic or media perspective it is an invaluable resource which again proves how the internet can be a wonderful educational tool.

You should watch it for that reason or because you are an American or because you are a human being.

So much time has passed and I am still so angry.

a real news voice over talent

abc news

For decades, Bill Rice has been the voice of ABC News, going to back to when Harry Reasoner and Barbara Walters had their ill-conceived and ill-fated on-air partnership.

Ever since, Bill’s steady voice has been heard as that news division covered some of the greatest tragedies in our history.

As the news divisions’ overnight program “World News Now” celebrates its 15th (now 16th I guess) anniversary, the show did a long over due piece on Bill Rice’s announcing work for ABC News and the ABC Television Network.