#1 on google, for a moment anyway


Today started of kind of depressing. Cold and rain have come to stay and we even had a dusting of snow that ultimately melted…all combining into my least favorite weather.

Add to that the sync between my phone and my computer is on the fritz, so I wasn’t expecting to much from this particular Wednesday.

But I am about to prove that what you think you know about a day ain’t necessarily the whole story.

Late today I was on Google and I checked the listings for voice over talent, a primary listing in my field. And I did a double take.

Right there, under the paid ad as the first organic listing was audio’connell Voice Over Talent’s web listing.

Number 1. Click the picture to see the page.

It’s a nice feeling. And I enjoyed it for the moment. Heck, I am enjoying it now. I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging. I know better.

Search engine listings, even on the mother ship, can be fickle things and positions change constantly. Yet it was nice to see a ray of sunshine on my screen today as the weather turned gray.

Thanks to all of you who visit. Thanks even more so to those of you who visit and hire. Everyone on the site appreciates you attention and your business.

9 Responses to “#1 on google, for a moment anyway”

  1. Peter,

    Super duper mega-woots, my friend. That is absolutely grounds for gloating! Very nice! I’m proud to say I know you. Ahead of V123 and Voices…. awesome!!!

    How’d ya do it?


  2. Just like every good magician, Dave: smoke and mirrors.

    Or is that a car salesman? I always get that confused.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Congrats, Peter. 🙂 That *is* big news. Though I have to agree that you’re right – it’s probably fleeting. 😉 But chances are pretty good you’ll remain on the first page, even if you do drop from #1…

  4. Hi Jodi

    I’ve been very fortunate with most of my Google rankings and for that I am really thankful.

    But as we all know, once you’re number one in anything, there’s only one place left to go…

    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. Oh, I hear ya, Peter. 😉

  6. Congrats man. I am nowhere to be found searching for “voice over talent” but I hover between 4th and 14th when Googling “voice talent”.

    I used to check it neurotically but it goes up and down so often that it was making me nuts. Occasionally my Pagerank will fluctuate and I really panic but it usually stays pretty steady and goes up about once a year or so.

    It is so super important that clients readily find me online as the overwhelming majority of my new business is from my site. SEO=$$$.

  7. Hi Eric:

    Yeah I usually hover around page 1 or 2 on voice talent but you’re right, Google rankings (no matter the keyword) are only a little less volatile than the stock market but can be as financial penal.

    You and September have a pretty good set up now so I’m sure that site (in addition to your own) will help your rankings and biz.

    And as I have often told you I am a fan of the voice talent productions logo and am very glad you were finally able to get it to the top of the page where such a design rightfully belongs.

    Thanks for visiting and please give September my regards.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  8. Hey Peter! I knew you would appreciate this. Today, when I was looking at my webmaster stuff… I noticed I’m #9 on google when you search “female voice actor. ” I can only imaging how excited I would have been at #1 – Congrats to you! and me 😉

  9. NOT from where I sit, I’m looking at you in the #6 position.

    As Casey Kasem says, you’re up three notches!

    Nice job Jamee.

    Best always
    – Peter