5 Questions for a Professional Voice Over Talent – a new blog series

I’ve had this idea for a blog series for a couple of months now but until today, I never did anything about it.

The concept is simple – if I ask a bunch of professional voice over talents the same 5 career and performance based questions, I believe I’ll get a bunch of unique and individual answers that others in our business will find interesting and informative.

So tonight, by invitation only (so don’t ask to be included – you probably will be down the road anyway) I’ve invited 25 voice talents, who I know but who do not necessarily know each other, to answer the same 5 questions.

If they participate, each one will get their own featured blog post offering their own unique perspective on their voice over journey.

There is no one perfect path, there is no easy route. But as readers, we may find nuggets of information in someone else’s story that provides an unforeseen epiphany that helps us go forward on our own journey.

Or the whole series may suck and we won’t learn a thing. Look, the goal here is more content for the blog and less work for me…are we clear? (j/k).

Anyway, I’ll post them as they come in and I hope you’ll comment on them with anything you thought was particularly helpful. Hey, if these folks are going to be kind enough to share their stories, we need to at least say thanks, right?

I hope it works our and I hope you enjoy the series – look for it in this space coming soon.

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