a little video voiceover demo fun

To be clear, I am not the first person to create a YouTube video for my voice over demo.

In fact, as usual, many have gone before me and probably done it better.

But while I am not first to the party (you know, where there’s that kinda awkward standing around trying to create small talk waiting for somebody…anybody else to arrive next) I certainly will not be last to the party.

So I hope you enjoy my stab at voiceover marketing sprinkled with a dash of humor.

2 Responses to “a little video voiceover demo fun”

  1. Very nice Peter! I think this a great idea! Love the way it uses your colors and branding.

  2. Thanks Connie,

    It was fun to do and really I just came up with the idea for the text off the top of my head.

    I couldn’t see anybody wanting to sit through :60 of just a logo and especially not a head shot! 🙂

    Best always,
    – Peter