a quick note to my faffcon 7 friends

 FaffCon 7 'Faffers' Getting Ready for the Big Event!

FaffCon 7 ‘Faffers’ Getting Ready for the Big Event!

Hi there!

I think I am supposed to be sad because I’m not attending FaffCon 7. I’m not sad, maybe a very tiny bit wistful but that’s about all the negative emotion I can muster.

I have a very important birthday party to attend and I am more excited about that than sorry to not see you all. FaffCon has never been about one person anyway – it’s about the group…the wonderful group of past Faffers and new Faffers coming together to create a brand new experience.

I am so filled with excitement for each one of you…I see your social media posts and I feel your joy at coming together again for the professional renewal this event brings. The opportunity to talk at length with your fellow voice-over professionals. They get it. They get you.

And the learning. Oh the wonderful things you will learn at every step during the weekend.

Breathe deep.

Stop, look, listen and observe.

Sunday arrives quickly.


Have fun.

Say thank you alot. And mean it.

I know you will.

I won’t be there to share my annual reminder so I’ll end this happy send off with this reminder: FaffCon is not only a wonderful place to learn, it’s THE safest place for you to share new ideas, try new performance techniques or ask dumb questions that you don’t realize may be just that.

No worries.

FaffCon is your safe place if you happen to fall down because every Faffer is a pillow for you. They will confidently catch you, if needed, as you try new things, as you learn things you didn’t know and develop talents you didn’t think were within you. And you must be a pillow for them too.

FaffCon is unparalleled in that way (and many other ways too).

Failure is not even an option, simply because…you are there. What a gift!

Until next time…enjoy.

Best always,

6 Responses to “a quick note to my faffcon 7 friends”

  1. Happy birthday, Little PO’C! You’ve got a great dad, and assuredly a great party, too!

  2. Beautiful!

    Happy birthday, Kiddo! You’ve got a pretty remarkable Dad who loves (all three of) you very much. And that’s the most awesome birthday gift in the world!

  3. Amen!! Well said Mr. O’Connell! We’ll miss you, but you’ll be having the time of your life. Have a GREAT weekend!!

  4. Perfect! We’ll still miss you though. Have fun with the family. Love to everyone. 🙂

  5. No excuses O’Connell! You should be here, heck it was my wife’s birthday yesterday and I m in Tuscon!!!! Lol. Just kidding Peter. Enjoy your sons party and we hope to see you at the next one.

  6. It’s a super happy birthday when Dad’s leading the family band! The O’Connells are a lucky bunch to have ya around. Was there cake?

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