a special morning treat

Z-100, New York logo all rights acknowledged

Sometimes when I read my Google Alerts I come across some really fun and unexpected stuff.

The first thing I found in my alerts was a link to voice talent Joe Symanski’s blog, which I have added to my blog list on the right. Great content.

If I haven’t added your voice over blog to my blog roll, let me know. Usually I try and keep up on new blogs by reading Bob Souer’s blog roll because he’s awesome about linking to everybody but still I miss stuff.

Included in that great content from Joe Syzmanski was a video produced back in January for the NAB meeting featuring Z-100 production director Dave Foxx. Amazing insight and candor from an imaging master (save for his annoying cigarette habit).

Then after that You Tube video was done, there was a list of a bunch of voice over and jingle related videos on You Tube that I know I’ll enjoy watching if I ever get the time (which is probably why I missed all of the above in the first place).

Oh well, I get to stuff eventually. And there’s this really cool new band that I think is going to be very big soon called the Beatles. Check them out and remember where you heard it first.

2 Responses to “a special morning treat”

  1. Peter,

    Thanks very much for adding my to your blogroll. Glad you enjoyed that Dave Foxx piece as much as I did.


  2. I sure did but I don’t think I’d have the heart to tell the guy how unglamous he looked with that cigarette. 🙂

    Come on back here any time Joe.

    Best always,
    – Peter