an o’connell finally wins an oscar®

MY name was THIS close to being called by OSCAR® presenters Sunday night as a winner. And that is 100% true.

But I know you doubt me, so I shall endeavor to explain.

Back in 1964, after having welcomed their 4th (and subsequently deemed their “whoops” baby), Joseph and Mary O’Connell had picked a name they liked for their new son. He was to be called Kevin Kinney O’Connell.

Except on the drive home from the hospital, Joseph had a change of heart on the name for his 3rd son. He liked the name Peter, as in Saint Peter Canisius and the Apostle Peter — “upon this rock I shall build my church” — that Peter.

So the newborn left the hospital as Kevin Kinney O’Connell and arrived home as Peter Kinney O’Connell.

Flash forward to the 89th annual OSCARS® where, for the 21st time, a universally respected sound designer named Kevin O’Connell was nominated for an award. O’Connell had been winless each time since his first nomination for the movie Terms of Endearment in 1984.

This time, in the category of Best Sound Mixing, Kevin O’Connell won the OSCAR® for his work on the movie Hacksaw Ridge.

An O’Connell had finally won an OSCAR® . Kevin O’Connell.

Just not THIS Kevin O’Connell. 🙂

I am not related to the man. I do not know the man. I am none the less thrilled for the man.

The best Kevin won. Congratulations.


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