an update on voice over blog links


Even though he didn’t know it, Bob Souer reminded me of something today in his blog post.

I had asked for any bloggers who wanted a link on my blog and who were not already listed to ping me and I’d add them to my voice over blog roll on this site. You may see it better if you scroll down a bit in the columns on to the right of this post.

I also asked for a reciprocal link which I hope those I link to will put on their blogs but I don’t have the time to check on each and every one of them. HEY, but YOU might have the time, so if you see a voice over blog that doesn’t link to mine, ping me and there will be a major cash reward…not from me as I don’t HAVE any money).

Bob’s post noted that John Florian on VoiceOver Xtra had a blog link page which, sadly, I didn’t realize until just now, even though he gave this blog a link on his page. BUT since John’s news service now accepts comments on stories, that enters it into blog territory so John now has a link on voxmarketising. Thank you John, for all you do for your fellow voice over professionals – it is appreciated and valued.

Also added to the voice over blog roll now are blogs from George Whittam, Michael Stuber, William Spears, Nikki Saco, Jason Bishop, Scott Brick, Lance Blair (whose link was already there but is now updated to its new address), Cartoon Brew, Mahmoud Taji, Mairead Curran and Matt Colrick.

An IMPORTANT point: some blogs I found recently were NOT added as they had not posted in over a year. While its not my place to tell people how often they want to write, I gauge the credibility of a blog by the frequency of its posts. I get that blogging isn’t for everyone and I am not judging. I am committed to providing information on all current voice over blogs. If this is you and you increase your post frequency, please let me know and I’ll pop you right up there.

And for goodness sakes folks, how can anyone have a blog WITHOUT an RSS button or link. It’s one of the main ways people SUBSCRIBE to a blog. If a blog post is uploaded to the internet and nobody reads it, does the blog really exist? And yet I saw a bunch of them today; it’s a darn shame no one can easily read them regularly. Oh well.


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