audio’connell in bath, ny

Voice Talents Peter K O'Connell and Natalie Stanfield Thomas

There are many great reasons to go to Faffcon.

The reason I will expound on today is that if you go to Faffcon, you may meet neighbors you never knew you had.

I had known of Natalie Stanfield Thomas via the internet and social media but had not met her and learned about her career until we met at Faffcon and became fast friends.

She lives near Bath, NY which is only about two hours away from my studio and part of a route I’ve been driving for years to see my in-laws near the NY/PA border.

In addition to her long career as a radio talent and voice over talent, she and her husband Ed (who also joined us for our lunch – a very nice fellow as you might expect) work with the Family Life Network. FLN has an impressive network of stations.

I was really appreciative that Natalie and Ed could take time out of their day to visit with me and talk shop.

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  1. Thanks for making us a stopping point in your travels today Peter! Your generosity in spirit and willingness to share ideas and tactics is greatly appreciated. …and you’re kinda fun to hang around with too! – Nat