audio’connell in cleveland

Voice Over Talents Trish Basanyi and Peter K. O'Connell

I thought I had a lot of work irons in the fire.

I’m a rank amateur compared to my friend, female voice talent Trish Basanyi, who I got to see on my trip to Cleveland.

Not only does she have her own freshly re-minted voice over web site cruising along, she also has her VoiceTweet site going and her new Spanish language voice over venture Voice Casa on line now.

Plus, she and Terry Daniel and Dave Courvoisier are hosting webinars on Social Media dubbed The Voice Over Super Socials. (Actually, the webinars will be in plain English, and will not be dubbed).

After listening to all that work, I need a nap.

4 Responses to “audio’connell in cleveland”

  1. Gee, I missed everyone! Just returned from cleveland on sunday. Hope it was a blast.

  2. Chris:

    You were remembered and missed. But I think we’ll see you in Hershey, correct?

    Best always,

  3. Glad you two got a chance to get together! You both look fantabulous, as per usual. 😉 Yup. Trish’s schedule is tiring just to contemplate. But she handles it all really well. And I’m glad a part of that schedule includes coming to Faffcon3! Looking forward to seeing you and Trish and Chris there. 🙂

    All the best, — Jodi

  4. Hi Jodi,

    We’ll see you in Hershey/Harrisburg!

    Best always,

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