audioconnell in new york city


As Mrs. audio’connell and I had just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, we decided a trip to New York City was in order.

With grandparents over seeing the littlest audio’connells, off we went.

Using sister in law’s snazzy new apartment as our HQ,we had a swell time.

A couple of must dos for you (from our perspective):

* You have to have dinner at Rocco Restaurant on Thompson Street in the Village. This restaurant goes back to the 1920’s…they know real Italian cooking. Very friendly service, not a contrived, phony ambiance….great food. For me I will not go to NYC without visiting the REAL Rocco’s. You shouldn’t either.

* The NYC bus tours. Touristy? Yeah but also a great view of the city with tons of cool information You can pick the area you want to go. I enjoyed it a great deal.

* The Lion King – OK, it opened on Broadway in 1997 and won best musical….but I never saw it until this trip…5th row center. If you haven’t seen it…please do so. Not for the kids but for you.

Of course what would a trip be without a meetup of some new and old voice over buddies. As you might imagine we had fun, got in trouble and traded great stories.

This time our group included Liz de Nesnera, Melissa Exelberth, Patrick O’Connor and a special guest appearance by Mary McKitrick and her sons Peter and Edward.

I coordinated the meetup, picking the location and time. I picked a Starbucks in Times Square from my earlier travels and arrived at the appointed time only to realize that it was not a sit down Starbucks. I suppose it would have been smart of Mrs. audio’connell and me to actually cross the street and go in after we picked the place but we didn’t.

Luckily, voice actors are both vagabonds and a flexible bunch and as we all gathered at Starbucks in Times Square we quickly chose another locale to make our temporary camp.

Suffice it to say there was so many stories and laughs we got yelled at for being too loud (ok, well I did). But I need to point out that it was Liz, Melissa and Patrick who got thrown outta the joint after Mary and I had left.

My thanks to all of these talented folks for coming to meet with me. A great way to end a great treat.

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9 Responses to “audioconnell in new york city”

  1. OK…so…what’s your point??? πŸ˜‰
    We HAD to give the tourists SOMETHING to talk about!

    “Hey, honey, now we’ll REALLY have something to tell the folks back home!”

    I have to say….in MY humble opinion we were not THAT loud!…voice talents being vocal? Say it ain’t SO! πŸ˜‰

    It was GREAT meeting up with all of you!
    And Peter, please thank your wife for letting you come out and play with US for a while, when in fact it really should have been all about HER!



  2. It was really good to see you Peter. I hope you have a safe trip home. Thank-you for making it happen!


  3. Liz:

    It really is a wonderful play date (as my wife refers to it with my kids and their friends) for us VO’s to hang out in one of the world’s great cities.


    We made it home with nary a care and my wife thought the story about the Starbucks with no seats was pretty funny too!

    Thanks to both of you (and Mary’s boys for taking the pictures) for joining me…it was a special day.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  4. Peter,

    How fun to see and read this delightful post and photo. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Be well,

  5. LOUD! Oh please. Gimme a break… (yes, I said GIMME a break) We were just genuinely happy to see each other and having a good time.

    Patrick did have some choice parting words tho’ πŸ™‚

  6. I guess we would have had to have been REALLY loud to get kicked out of the place where we all met in San Diego!

  7. Darn! I missed another great NYC Meetup!

  8. What a great photo! Sounds like it was lots o’ fun!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Bob:

    You are very welcome. Sorry you missed it but I am guessing you’ll be heading to NYC in November to visit with Marice. Asked for a flyer with some info on that event…didn’t have too much detail. Oh well, have fun!


    I simply can’t imagine Patrick O’Connor saying anything but please and thank you to that nice shop owner!


    Our San Diego crowd was one margarita short of mass hysteria! Well, ok maybe not but it sure makes us sound more edgy, doesn’t it?


    Next time you have to buy the coffee for everyone. That’s the price you pay for missing the audio’connell train! πŸ˜‰


    Certainly, it was no Denny’s πŸ˜‰ but it was great visiting with everyone.

    My best to all,
    – Peter

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