audio’connell in seattle…again

Male Voice Talents Scott Nilsen and Peter K. O'Connell outside the original Starbucks in Seattle, WA

Seattle is simply lovely…flying over it or driving around the lakes…it is stunning. Make fun of its rain all you want but it is a special place.

Made all the more special when my fellow voice talent and friend Scott Nilsen met up with me for a visit this evening down by the waterfront. While Scott lives and works in the OC, he is a Seattle native and was up visiting his family while I was here.

He was kind enough to show me the location of the original Starbucks -which we didn’t go into because it was packed with tourists who think THAT store’s coffee will taste different from any other Starbucks store.

Besides, everybody in the NW knows that Starbucks is no Tully’s.

7 Responses to “audio’connell in seattle…again”

  1. Glad it worked out for us to hang out! Hope the rest of your trip is fruitful.

  2. wow, scott is so tall!

    oh … wait a minute 😉

  3. Hi Scott,

    It was great, thank you again and happy birthday on Friday!

    Hi Diane,

    ‘Tis true, ’tis true!

    Best always to you both,
    – Peter

  4. Peter was in Seattle and didn’t look up international voice star Joey Pepin?

    Sad, very sad. I would have liked to chat with you. I could have shown you my Island in the Sound. We could have taken a boat ride! I would have let you use my booth! Now I will cry.

    Next time, Peter, next time.


  5. Joey,

    Now I too am very sad and very sorry I did not know to look you up there…we would have loved to have you join us. Please accept my apologies as no slight was intended.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  6. Oh Peter-

    I jest- We don’t even know one another! I DO enjoy your blog, however. I am mostly a lurker and not a contributor to blogs and such.
    Keep up the fine work, my man.


  7. But I remember you, Joey, from the Fauxditions and would have welcomed the opportunity to visit with you.

    Next time!

    Best always,
    – Peter