bill and conjunction junction are 40!

You know how people reach certain age milestones and they are shocked or happy or depressed (sometimes all at once)?

Well when I realized that School House Rock turned 40 this year, I was stunned and pleased and sad (see, I can’t do anything right).

It occurred to me that my life in media may have been a bit of a pre-ordained thing:

* Born on the night the Beatles were first on the Ed Sullivan Show (a pretty major day in entertainment history)

* In kindergarten at the inception of Sesame Street (and yes we watched it in class); it was the same year I took my first tour of a radio station and was smitten/bitten by the radio bug

* At the prime learning age of 7 years old when School House Rock was rolled out

See…destiny. Oh yeah, it also reminded me that I is old.

This one is my favorite:

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