#cans4cans – simple, viral, effective

 Voice-Over Talent Peter K. O'Connell inside Studio a @ audio'connell Voice-Over Talent supporting #cans4can

Voice-Over Talent Peter K. O’Connell inside the infamous Studio a @audio’connell Voice-Over Talent supporting #cans4can

John Taylor is a talented voice actor and a very funny guy but he was kindly serious this week in his post to support a charitable food collection drive called #cans4cans.

The idea for #cans4cans came from Benztown, a company that produces and distributes imaging, voice-over, broadcast programming, and jingles to broadcast and other media outlets.

Simply, for any one who posts a picture of themselves (they can be in voiceover or recording or I suppose even folks not in the audio or media industries) Benztown will donate a can of food to LA Food Bank on your behalf. Just use the hashtag #cans4cans with your post.

Early this week when I saw John’s post about this on Facebook, I was (surprise) on the road, so I published a 1985 radio station shot of me on the air. It was requested that I publish something more current. Comparing the two I think now you’ll agree my first choice was a better one.

No matter, I hope you’ll participate in #cans4cans. Thanks.

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