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the eyeglasses winner is….

Many thanks to all of you who so kindly vote, opined and other wise sounded off on the correct choice for my new eye glasses in a blog post a while back.

I thought it a silly, fun idea for a blog post and was very thrilled to see such interest.

Clearly in the voting the gray frames were a HUGE fan favorite.

And yet I was a fan of the black frames. I just thought I could see better out of them.

So the winner of the eyeglass vote was….

Neither of them.

Turns out that the eyeglass place that I was going to buy these frames from would NOT accept my insurance so they expected me to shell out over $500 free and clear for these specs. Since I have eyeglass coverage with my insurance – that seemed kinda stupid. Plus I’d have to wait a week to get them because I wanted anti-glare on the lenses (and of course pay more for that too).

On the OTHER hand, it turns out Lenscrafters IS included in my insurance plan (saving me about 40%) and they could get me my glasses in 24 hours.

So I went simple, basic and practical – everything the other glasses weren’t. Silver metal frames (oh, excuse me, titanium). The selection wasn’t as nice as the other place but I decided that I am at a time in my life where its more enjoyable to spend money like that on my family than on me or better yet save that money for later. Must have been a passing case of vanity…shame on me.

So when you see me out with my specs, for better or for worse, this is what you’ll see.

to be clear – peter o’connell is NOT naked, jerry o’connell is…sort of…I guess

Here’s the thing – if you get Google Alerts or have an “ego search” in your blog reader, sometimes you can come across some very unique, odd, upsetting and just weird posts associated with your search.

I get lots of news from Ireland (as you might expect with my last name) including a bizarre murder story there (very sad) and tons of rugby information.

Another more recent example, the movie and TV actor Jerry O’Connell (no relation) is naked in a new movie called Piranha 3D (the title of which leads me to ask “were there so many unanswered questions in the first two movie installments, there needed to be a third? j/k)

I know this because for the past several days I have been getting pings that highlight “o’connell” (which is one of my search terms) followed closely in these announcements by the word “naked” (which again to be clear is NOT one of my search terms).

Evidently in this movie, Jerry O’Connell’s character’s man bits are shown getting eaten by a piranha. Which one of those images would you like erased from your brain first?

Except the man bits are not Jerry O’Connell’s but some CGI handy work. I know that won’t fully help with the erasure but oh well.

I have seen Jerry O’Connell in interviews and he seems like a very affable guy and I saw his lovely wife in an interview/parody on swimsuit models years ago in which she showed terrific comedic timing. So my thought is I’m fortunate to share some search with him as he doesn’t seem as wacked out as some of his peers may appear to be.

But my other thought is I wonder if he checks his searches and wonders who or what the heck audio’connell is? Probably not.

What about you…do get seaches back about famous people with your name?

vote for peter’s new glasses

Two frame styles for Peter's new glasses - which one do you prefer?

I lost my glasses.

They’re gone and it’s sad but life goes on.

But I need a new pair.

These are two popular choices (no I don’t have the pictures of me wearing them even though they took pictures…dunno where they out them, probably deleted it.

Any way, you vote:

A) The BLACK pair

B) The SILVER pair

C) What ARE you thinking, you’d look awful in both

Voting is now open, comment below please.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand: here are the pictures of me wearing the glasses (the pictures are a bit odd and someday I’ll tell the story of why but for now – here we go.

faffcon promotional video is on the air

OK, so sometimes I forget to hit the edit switch when I come up with an idea that’s going to take a lot of time and effort to put together (effort I got, time not so much). Such was the case when Amy Snively of voice over fame and Faffcon lead sled dog said she needed help and ideas to promote Faffcon.

Well though it took longer than it should have the promo video for the event is done and it is great fun as well as informative only because of the following very talented reasons:

Philip Banks
Mandy Nelson
Todd Ellis
Bruce Miles
Pam Tierney
Dave Courvoisier
Roger Tremaine
Bob Souer

They are my peers and my friends and this video (and this conference) would be a whole lot of nothing with out them.

I am grateful for each of you.

audio’connell whisker-less

Male Voice Talent Peter K. O'Connell BEFORE and AFTER

Sunday morning I woke and did what I told my wife I would do someday. Mind you I told her that for around three years as she begged me to shave my whiskers.

But Sunday morning for no good reason nor special intention, I shaved it off.

Wife is thrilled, daughter not so much.

I can and will never win on this battle I suppose.

“get yur red hot photos!”

Voice Actors and the Internet Panel at VOICE 2010 (Back row i.e. the tall people) David Kaplan, Voice Over Xtra's! John Florian, Doug Turkel (front row i.e. the little people) Peter K. O'Connell, VOICE Co-founder James Alburger, Trish Basyani and VOICE Co-founder Penny Abshire

I’m not sure if they total a million but there certainly are a s—load of pictures from VOICE 2010 now available to look at.

After awhile -because there are SO many -it’s kind of like looking at someone’s vacation photos – more fun if you were there. And I gotta say, since I was there, it was a lot of fun to look at.

To add to the fun (cause they’re fun people) I’ll propose a new drinking game while looking at the photos – take a drink every time you see a photo with either of the co-founders of VOICE 2010 James Alburger or Penny Abshire. Take two drinks if you see them in the same photo.

If you view the album in calendar order, I think you’ll be truly drunk by the end of Wednesdays photos, blacking out by the end of Thursday’s album and in the hospital by Friday.

Actually, its probably safer if you look at the pictures without any drinks at all. 😉