claire dodin gets it right…again

Claire Dodin is a classy lady and a talent actress (for screen and voice).

But many of us were so pleased for her that others could see her creativity in a Facebook post Wednesday (shown above).

Her post read as follows:

Pay what you can for voice-overs until this Friday!
All money will go to a breast cancer prevention charity paying for mammograms for women who haven’t got insurance. Get your order in now. I’m only asking that you pay straight away as I’m sending the check next Friday, and that you try to pay for at least one women ($90)

To contact Claire and secure her for your voice over job (English or French), visit her web site.

2 Responses to “claire dodin gets it right…again”

  1. Thanks Peter! 🙂

    For those who wish to make their contribution directly, go to
    Send me a copy of your receipt, and I’ll send you your vo (check with me first that I’m able to complete the project)

  2. Claire,

    You are a great example of doing the right thing.

    Best always,
    – Peter