corralling your internet reading every day

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There are like 6.7 billion people in our world (need an update, click here) and I think there may be 12 billion blogs*.

RSS (really simple syndication) helps (like in the upper left corner of this blog). You click on the link and you can subscribe (or bookmark) to a blog on your browser (I use Internet Explorer 7.0 ) under the heading “Feeds” which is on your “Favorites” tab and is positioned right next to all your web site book marks (if you are now saying “ooooh, thaaaat’s what that heading is for!” don’t worry, I did too). When a new post on a blog you’ve subscribed to comes up, your subscription link title in the “Feeds” is bolded so you’ll know if you click it, you’re likely find some new content. At least that’s the way mine works.

Want to see a REALLY cool (because its soooo simple) explaination? Click here!

Lately a tool I’ve been using is a RSS “reader”. Now trust me when I say when it comes to stuff like “readers” and other tools of the internet, my knowledge based is firmly entrenched in the 19th Century (did you know that they make phones that are actually portable!)

But I very much like this reader tool. There are likely a ton out there (most I am assuming are free); the one I am using is Google Reader. The reason I like the reader more than a browser feed listing because the reader can present portions of the posts content for me to skim. If I want to read the whole post (if it is an especially long post) I can click on the headline and be taken directly to the blog.

It’s been a helpful way for me to review and control the information I want to get, I hope it can to the same for you.

* This number may be a slight exaggeration 🙂

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