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FaffCon 8 2016 Minneapolis, Minnesota

FaffCon 8: The Happiest Voiceover Place On Earth

I’m not sure where to start.

Really, I feel like there are so many pre-event, in-event and post event stories that it would make your head spin to share them all or maybe even bore you or…if you wanted to go and didn’t then you might be envious or annoyed.

I don’t want any of that for you.

So I will just list some of my notes (in no special order) in the hopes that it will give you a taste of some of the moments that made FaffCon 8 special for me.

There are over a hundred stories just like this.

My story isn’t special. All of them are.

•   Maybe not to the point of jumping and singing (because that might cause the police to be notified) but I was so full of joy at how many first time Faffers were in attendance at FaffCon 8 — each of you deserved to be there

•   FaffCon simply does NOT happen for me without my wife taking up the parenting slack for a long weekend and my kids giving Da a weekend pass, thank you loves

Voiceover Talents Peter K. O'Connell, Kelly Brennan and Dan Hurst

Voiceover Talents Peter K. O’Connell, Kelly Brennan and Dan Hurst at FaffCon 8

•   I came into this FaffCon with the goal of listening — one of the people I always try and listen closely to is Dan Hurst; because I listened to Dan at his FaffCon 8 presentation, my professional life will get better…thank you Dan, yet again…I needed to hear your words, yet again (Kelly Brennan also understands this)

•   The purple FaffCon 8 t-shirt was my idea…totally

•   If you were at FaffCon 8 and did not meet Kelly Kelmolin, you missed a HUGE opportunity to meet someone who could have your golden nugget — I’ve lost track of how many I’ve received over the years —so you need to make a point to call her and introduce yourself in the next week

•   Frustration is the emotion I will share with you to describe my feeling as to why the world doesn’t understand that Natalie Stanfield is one of THE most talented improvisational actresses and teachers we have on our earth – wake up world, she’s right THERE!

•   Best audience member for my presentation: Jodi Krangle

Buffalo Voiceover Meet-up at FaffCon 8

The Buffalo Voice-Over Meet-up Group “Heard Around Buffalo” at FaffCon 8. Front Row: Natalie Stanfield, Fran McClellan, Maria Pendolino; Middle Row: Fred Filbrich, Dan Lenard, Peter K. O’Connell, Bev Standing; Back Row: Patrick Sweeney

•   I’m not going to brag but I will say only this: Maria Pendolino, I do not lie and now you know the truth of my words…do not miss FaffCon (Buffalo Voice Over Meet-up Group Represent!)

•   Energy and impact awards for F8: Celia Siegal, Brad Newman and Tracy Lindley – they make things happen

•   Two words: Dan Friedman

•   One word: Yeni

Voice Talents Bruce Miles and Peter K. O'Connell

Voice Talents Bruce Miles and Peter K. O’Connell at FaffCon 8

•   Most glad to see award (besides everyone): Fred Filbrich, Bruce Miles and Amy Taylor Fernandez (tie)

•   Melanie Murphy could take over the world with her charm and street smarts – you have been warned

•   Faffers are generous with their time, talent AND treasure as evidenced by the $8,000 donation to Breanna’s Gift — generous work done in support of the families and young children with cancer and other serious diseases…heartbreaking and soul crushing to imagine what these children and their families have, do and will go through

Peter K. O'Connell at FaffCon 8

FaffCon 8 Emcee and Voice Talent Peter K. O’Connell

•   So personally and unpredictably heartbreaking that on my final and unexpected appearance on the mic as emcee, after the Breanna’s gift check presentation, to end FaffCon 8, I could barely (and I mean quite. literally. barely.) speak: verklempt — critically sick children are my emotional kryptonite, even now – sorry about that Faffers

•   There are many valuable reasons for businesses to sponsor FaffCon and Edge Studio had good cause to be FaffCon 8’s Presenting Sponsor…but I hope they truly understand (beyond money) how genuinely valuable their sponsorship was to supporting the true mission of FaffCon for the voiceover community; thank you David and Graeme

Thank you EVERYONE who sponsored FaffCon 8

•   Best Church Buddy: Anthony Gettig

•   Mike Coon is a talented and underated voice talent – but sponsorship sales for FaffCon would simply not be successful without him, period

•   Amy Snively and Lauren McCullough had many unique and completely unnecessary challenges from those outside and inside the Faff Circle since the last FaffCon and leading into this one (adults behaving badly on a multitude of levels will be the broad brush stroke I shall use here) — it might have led less hardy souls to quit but they did not quit and for that I am grateful

•   To those who were at the Thursday meeting: thank you and thank you again

•   To everyone whose name is not on this post – you were only omitted here but not forgotten here

•   Note to self, there are only two FaffCons left: live these days like they are “the good old days”, because they are and they are slipping away

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  1. Again,a glorious job you did summarizing what, really, cannot be condensed. Always a true catapult of JOY to see you, Peter! I’m sorry I missed Thursday’s meeting 🙁

    Missing you and everyone after such an enriching weekend! I hope your unpacking goes well. We moved a year ago and lookie! all those boxes of books in the garage. If I can’t get to the tome, I’ll read your blog 🙂