for drew…the price is right

drew carey

I was doing some internet searches (and of course by now I’ve forgotten what I was searching for) but I saw a link to David Letterman’s web site. I’ve been a huge Letterman fan since I first saw him on Late Night With David Letterman. I remember the very first skit with him in it that hooked me. It was David Letterman teaching Jerry Garcia how to play “Proud Mary” on the guitar (sorry, I couldn’t find a clip).

So I rarely pass up a chance to visit Dave’s site since I don’t have the stamina to stay up late anymore. Well in a clip that I think may be airing tonight because I hadn’t seen any news on it earlier today, Drew Carey announces that he is to be the new host of The Price Is Right, replacing Bob Barker who’d been hosting the show since 1776 (“Ben Franklin! Come on Down!”)

This clip is great for a number of reasons in my opinion. The story seems very real and when the band strikes up TPIR theme song, Drew seems honestly thrilled and I share that happiness with him (although I won’t be enjoying his likely enormous paycheck).

I don’t know who I thought should be the host. OK, I really didn’t care except for one nominee I’d heard of (thank goodness THAT didn’t happen). But now I’m very happy for Drew Carey. Cleveland rocks!

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