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I don’t know Chris Brogan that well having met only briefly a couple of times (and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t remember me…lucky devil) but there is no doubt about his commitment to social media and its community.

To that end he has published a list of free internet publications (e-books) regarding social media. I know that in the voice over, marketing and advertising worlds (which, as we always note, collide here at voxmarketising) there are still more than a few souls who feel left by the side of the road on the social media speed racer.

Most of them will never even see this blog as they think blog is something that’s cured with a shot of penicillin.

And maybe it is.

But if you can’t get down to the free clinic this weekend, click on a few of these links then tell us which ones you felt were most helpful to you and why.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to “free e-books on social media”

  1. Great tip!

    Thanks Peter.

  2. Thanks Peter!

    btw-you should put a search box on your blog. You supply so much info, it’s hard to find some old posts.


  3. Hi Laura:

    Your very welcome.

    Hi James:

    I am always refining the blog so thanks for your suggestion. By the way, if you search on the far right column by category word, you might find some of the blog posts you were most interested in.

    My best always to both of you.
    – Peter