if you’re not going to appreciate us, you better at least be aware of us


It’s a feisty night in Minneapolis and I’m already laughing at the calls I’m going to get on this post. But you know that won’t stop me 🙂

My friend and the kindest man in voice over (yes, he’s also still the best looking in the biz too, much cuter than Kara Edwards, whoever she is) Dave Courvoisier called about this time last August with the idea for National Voiceover Appreciation month. He wanted to do it in September and I helped a little and we did it in short order. Great events and great fun for those who understood the message of the idea.

Some sissy pants voice over talents got all squeamish about the word “appreciation” and how self-aggrandizing it all seemed (what?!). For those who made the mistake of telling me that, I told them to turn the channel if they didn’t like it cause the event was all about fun and awareness, not ego (which most everybody else understood). Oy!

Those same twits will probably get their knickers all twisted in a knot about Dave’s 2011 tweak to his original concept, now rebranded Voice Over Awareness Today. This one is all Dave and it looks to be terrific.

His revision is a great 2.0 concept tying in a weekly question on a VO related topic, prizes, sponsors and surprises. And it all kicks off September 1 and runs through the end of the month.

If you’re in voice over and you’re not a sissy pants (and I know YOU’RE not) I hope you’ll partake and enjoy the whole show that Dave has selflessly put together as a way to say thank you to the industry and peers (even the squeamish ones )who mean so much to him.

Excuse me while I now go to the phone after I hit the publish key in 3…2…1…”Ring!”

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