is your company’s brand being destroyed by social networking?


Some thoughts for your day…

Can Kodak rise from the ashes because of a discussion on a bulletin board?

If you’re following someone on Twitter who advises that they really like a product, are you more likely to buy it?

Does a blog post now make a bigger impression than a full page ad in the New York Times?

Every business owner is a marketer and thereby a brand guardian and promoter. Whether you are an accountant, a day care owner, a sign maker or a voice over talent, you either own or manage a brand through which a product or service is delivered.

In the good old days (which were only a few years ago) a radio campaign, a direct mail campaign, a series of print ads or a spot run on TV could help you gain brand recognition (depending on your audience and marketing budget…this is all broad brush stroke stuff here folks, not enough time for minute detail).

But as you may have realized or read, the tools of social media (or the practice of social networking) have thrown into a marketer’s mix such microscopic audience groups that knowing what it could mean to your brand is a bit unnerving.

There is reason to believe, therefore, that social networks could be killing branding as we all know it and practice it. And that, I’m guessing, is something you can understand could directly impact how you market your business, no matter the size.

In the Harvard Business Review, there’s a very engaging article (at least it was to me) about the impact social networks are having on branding. I encourage you to read it and then daydream.

Think about how you might need to change your current marketing planning, your messaging or your presence in the world of social networking. But be proactive as well as reactive. The sound you hear on your business door is opportunity…and it’s knocking.

And while many of you may have trouble attending logistically, I encourage any who can to check out Mitch Joel’s upcoming full day seminars on Social Media Marketing presented by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada.

2 Responses to “is your company’s brand being destroyed by social networking?”

  1. Peter,

    Thanks for providing a link to the Harvard Business Review article – I’ll check it out when I get a minute 🙂



  2. Steph:

    I know you’ll like the article and David might enjoy it as well.

    BTW great resources links on Vox Daily for all the internet business owners.

    Best always,
    – Peter