last day for movember 2013 – please DONATE and SHARE


Thirty days later…the above picture is the result of my Movember commitment (well, of course, I gave some money too).

Aside from Mrs. audio’connell’s complaints (not a whisker fan) my part in all this was pretty easy.

Your part (whether you’ve donated already or whether you will today – please) is a little bit more involved as you’re being asked to give a little money to support research into Men’s Cancers. Thank you for giving whatever you can TODAY!!!

Any amount will do….even $5. And yes, we would accept $5,000 if you’re so inclined. The point is we don’t judge.

As I’ve said in the past, whether you donate MY MOVEMBER PAGE or THE MO-VO TEAM PAGE makes no difference to me. When you donate to one, you donate to all. There is no competition in voice-over and there is no competition between MO-VO team members.

Movember_Voice-Over Team 2013

This event would not be a successful voice-over event without the generous support not only of the donors but of all the people on the MO-VO team (I think this is like our 2nd or 3rd year together) including: Jeffrey Kafer, Johnny Heller, Cliff Zellman, Paul Christy, Chris Mezzolesta, J Christopher, Homero Espinosa,Anthony Gettig, Graeme Spicer, Dustin Ebaugh, Matt Simmons, Ryan Calafato, Joey Pepin as well as MO SISTAS (yes, women CAN be a apart of the fund raising effort) Nancy German and Fran McClellan

Thank you ALL!

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