make a friend while on hold


Emails are already coming into the office on getting quotes for message on hold. For some reason this happens every late December and into January. There may be some scientific reason that someone has studied that explains all this but my theory on it is simple- for many companies January 1st means a new budget and so the message on hold project they wanted to start in August but didn’t have the funds for can now be started.

If you’re in that boat, hey, we’re glad to help do your message on hold production but let me save you a step as the swami (that’s me) knows what your next question is going to be: what should I say on my message on hold?

I’ll be glad to share some bullet points here but let me offer one primary marketing point for your message on hold that actually applies to all your company’s marketing (I’ve been doing this marketing stuff in addition to voice over for a long time).

As regards your marketing message- make the message about how your company’s product or service helps the caller. Do not make your marketing message about how great and successful your company is or has been.

It means the difference between being listened to and being ignored as mere on-hold noise.

As an example:

Do NOT say:

“With 25 years in the insurance business, our customers trust us to provide the most inclusive coverage with the lowest premiums. Please remain on the line, someone will be with you shortly.”

It is not memorable, it is not listenable and it is not unique. “But” you protest “it is true.” Maybe, but so is what I just said.

INSTEAD say something like:

“Renters insurance can get confusing and expensive. But at We’re Not Liars Insurance Agency, we’ve just added three new well qualified carriers with top rated renter’s coverage to give you a better selection. We’ll gladly work with you to identify the right coverage based on your specific needs and budget. Please ask us how we can help you when we return to the line. Thank you for holding.”

People hate being on hold but they hate not being sure whether or not they’ve been disconnected while being told they were going on hold even more.

Message on hold is a good marketing tool…IF you’re willing to write your script like a friend rather than a potentate.

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