movember 2017 – here I grow again

Peter K. O'Connell Movember 2017

The first of November is both a happy and sad day in my house, none of which has anything to do with Halloween candy.

With the return of Movember, most of the people in my house are happy that I am whisker-free for one full day. Everyone in my family hates (underline h-a-t-e-s) my facial hair. However, I was also told numerous times by that same group that I look weird without my whiskers.

They are also sad to know that for the rest of the month I will be growing it back.

Movember logo_250But the shaving and regrowth come with a purpose. Movember is celebrating its 10-year fundraising anniversary in the U.S., bring attention to and directing funds towards critical men’s health issues including: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

I only participate in one charity event per year and this is it.

If you would be willing to donate, that would be great.

Here is a link to MY MOVEMBER PAGE.

Thank you for your generous consideration.

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