new narration demo

Peter O\'Connell headshot

One of my new agents emailed me to get my updated voice over demos (thank you Pastorini-Bosby). While I was attaching the cuts to an email, it occurred to me that I never properly finished my narration demo update that I had started in May (hey, don’t laugh, paying jobs come first!)

So I spent another two hours to fix some parts and voila (that’s a word my friend Mary McKitrick taught me) here is the finished product:

Click here to download Peter O’Connell’s narration demo!

In it, you will hear that I am:
* tall
* short
* happy
* sad
* confident
* unsure
* serious
* jovial
* thoughtful
* scatter-brained
* newsy
* conversational
* and most of all available for hire as the perfect choice for your awesome narration voice.

3 Responses to “new narration demo”

  1. Nice work Peter! And I’m glad you’re continuing to add to your vocabulary 😉


  2. Liked that a lot, Peter. I can see (hear, I mean) why you get so much work! 🙂

  3. Mary:

    With you linguistic coaching and my “Hooked On Phonics” tapes, I will master somebody’s language…someday!


    Thanks very much. If you and I keep working with talented teachers like Deb Munroe, the money trucks will line up at our doors!

    Best always,
    – Peter