no shaving, with an excuse

Look, most men (and some women I would guess) look for an excuse not to shave.

Well fellas, in the month of November, we got a whopper!

It’s a fund raiser called Movember and the concept is to raise funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer and other male Cancers all month long.

The facial hair is to create awareness and spur friendly donations for the cause. Cancer has hit my family and I’m sure it has hit yours too.

It also gives men a valid, community based reason not to shave starting November 1st. Done! 🙂

My friend Jeff Kafer put out a request to start a team on the VO-BB and now a bunch of us are on there.

Here is my request to my blog readers: Please donate $5.00 to my effort (if you want to do more or less -that’s cool too).

Here is my page to donate on and yes I will post pictures.

Now the rules say I have to grow a mustache and that’s all I am supposed to grow.

But mustaches on me look fugly (if you ask Mrs. audio’connell, she says ANY facial hair on me is fugly). And besides, I’m not much on rules, so I will be growing the goatee again which most people have seen so it will be less annoying. Some folks said they liked it but I think they were being polite. That’s OK 🙂

Again, if you can help, I’d be appreciative. Thanks.

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