oh radio, oh radio, your Christmas music’s on too ear-ly*

The fact of the matter is radio stations need Christmas music…badly!

Research seems to indicate that stations (Adult Contemporary or Adult Hits formats mostly) that play 24 hours of Christmas music enjoy a surge in first quarter ratings as a carry over. Radio advertising revenues have been on a steady decline (unfortunately) so I get the economic sense of the business decision.

I understand the competitive argument of being first in the market to get your station playing Christmas music…maybe listeners will think yours is the only station in the market doing it (ha!) so they will stay glued to their radio.

Further, I get that retailers are pushing Christmas shopping to start earlier and earlier so you want your station on in retail stores. Sears announced they will now be open on Thanksgiving Day because family is evidently less important than retail profits.

Knowing all that, I still believe you radio people should start your damn Christmas music the Friday after Thanksgiving!

And you don’t care what I think. And I understand.

* Poorly sung to the music of “Oh Christmas Tree”

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