overheard regarding an olympic logo

<em>2014 Winter Olympic logo (maybe)</em>

2014 Winter Olympic logo (maybe)

If you’re looking for rumors or gossip, this is absolutely the wrong blog to visit. We don’t gossip or spread rumors here. Tisn’t nice and we’re a nice blog. So no rumors.

But we’re OK with idle chitchat.

So the idle chitchat we came across today involves one of our favorite topics – Olympic logos and the possible sighting of the new official logo for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. See that graphic up there…that’s supposedly it.

<em>Official 2014 Sochi Olympic Bid logo</em>

Official 2014 Sochi Olympic Bid logo

Now for their bid, Sochi submitted this logo which we here at voxmarketising were very fond of. But the new logo (if indeed it is the official logo) probably sets the correct tone for what this historic international competition should be: global, friendly and inviting. This would be likely positioning for the Games anywhere they were held and a valuable world branding opportunity for Mother Russia, whose legacy does not always evoke the warm and fuzzies in many places.

I will miss the Sochi bid logo (which clearly did its job well) but hold great hope for the 2014 Winter Games under their new logo (if in fact this is the final choice, as it’s only idle chitchat presently).

What do you think of the new/proposed logo?

3 Responses to “overheard regarding an olympic logo”

  1. I’m with you — I like their bid logo much, MUCH better. Of course the rings themselves represent the world – while the snowflake represents the winter/Russia aspect of the upcoming winter games – it has a great Olympic feel. In my humble opinion a good logo for the Olympics incorporates both the global aspect, but also the nature/heritage of the host country. Because Sochi is (showing my ignorance) not a city I’m familiar with – if it weren’t for the Olympic rings underneath it – it would just seem like some generic logo to me…for maybe a recycling company or something (I spent time trying to figure out what those things were). It’s not very “Olympic-y” but does have good movement to it. Interesting post!

    Have a happy day!

  2. Hi Tess,

    Thank you so much for your input.

    I guess the real trend for Olympic cities is to create two brands – one for the bid and one for after they get the games.

    This always seemed kind of silly to me because chances are if your logo was good enough to win the bid, its good enough to be slapped on billions of products sold and promoting the Games. But, I guess it just provides a new job opportunity for a graphic designer.

    Thanks for visiting, come back any time!

    Best always,
    – Peter

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