peter k. o’connell new tv promo voice-over demo

TV Camera

This is my new TV Promo Demo.

My last voice-over demo for TV promo wasn’t as good as this (I’m not talking about me, but rather the overall quality of the demo).

Although I do think I sound better on this demo because I put time and effort in to studying with really good teacher and practicing what I learned. I’m glad I made the investment.

While I hope you like it, I hope promo producers like it even more 🙂

4 Responses to “peter k. o’connell new tv promo voice-over demo”

  1. Sounds great Peter!!

  2. Peter is a great voice talent. He’ll tell you as much. Bet on it.

    Perhaps he thought I’d never see his comment on my blog. I didn’t. I just made this up for no reason.

    Eh, Peter?

    Your eternal pal,

  3. Thanks John!

    Best always,


  4. Thanks Chuck.

    Best always,