recording at groundcrew studios, charlotte, nc

Voice Talent Peter K. O'Connell recording at GroundCrew Studios Charlotte, NC

When a voice talent is on the road, there will be voice-over projects that come up. Often times, with my portable rig, I can record in a hotel room or a car and the acoustics will be OK (with help from pillows in the room).

But there are other times when you know it would be best to record in a real studio (usually decided by the type of project to be recorded or the client needs/expectations.

Such was the case today when a new national client needed to record around lunchtime when I was in Charlotte, NC. My rule whenever I travel is to know where the nearest recording studio is in case such an issue comes up (and it WILL come up).

Many years ago when she was living in Charlotte, NC, my friend Kara Edwards took me along with her to Groundcrew Studios for one of her recording sessions before we had dinner that night with our friend Bob Souer. There I got to meet Groundcrew’s owner John Causby who was overseeing Kara’s session. Some years later, during a FaffCamp in Charlotte I got to meet the studio’s Senior Engineer and great Sound Designer Ross Wissbaum. Both these guys are real audio pros.

This was the first time I was able to record there myself and it was a geat experience. I found out about the recording on Saturday, email John and got an email back on Saturday, worked out the details and it was done. Ross engineered the session which, if you ever meet Ross, means that I’m am going to learn something truly valuable about computers or audio or both. The guy is just a wiz on that stuff and is fun to work with too.

Thank you John, Ross AND Katherine!

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