serious improv at faffcon 4

So some of you may know that at the past couple of FaffCon’s I have run a well-received improv session.

I think this is extremely valuable for voice-over talents for many reasons including improving listening skills and being able to think fast on one’s feet. There’s more to it than that, but that’s a quick summary.

On FaffCon’s Saturday afternoon closing circle, I was grabbed by Pam Tierney (not an unpleasant experience) and advised that Connie Terwilliger and me were going to live announce the sponsor prize giveaways…in about 2 minutes.

Then Connie immediately noted that she couldn’t do the live announce because she was taking pictures so I would be going it alone. And this would all take place starting in about :60 seconds.

As would almost any voice talent, the first thing I asked for was a script so I would be able to credit each FaffCon sponsor gift properly as well as know the significant list of sponsors from every sponsorship level.

There was no list of sponsors on paper.

And yes, that was Amy introducing me live to the mic. Now.

Oh dear.

So I needed to figure out how to thank every sponsor immediately. I needed to improvise a sponsor list.

I looked quickly to my fellow FaffCon volunteer and the friend who saved my bacon in front of a very live studio audience, Lauren McCullough. She was wearing her FaffCon t-shirt which conveniently enough, listed every sponsor on the back of the shirt.

I had my script…as long as Lauren stood in front of me with her back to me…which she did (hence the picture above).

And we didn’t miss a beat.

Lesson: be ready.

Listen. Think quickly. Improvise.

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6 Responses to “serious improv at faffcon 4”

  1. Peter,
    As a participant of FaffCon 4 & witness to the above mentioned festivities, I must tell you, your performance was both entertaining & engaging! You brought a new feel to the door-prize segment & (if possible) added even more fun & excitement. Thanks for being ready & bringing it!!
    Your Fellow Frequent Faffer,

  2. The improv was a lot of fun for sure! Victoria’s Secret was just pure genius.

  3. I love it that you are wearing a FafCon 3 tee- shirt with the sponsors. More bang for their buck!

  4. There were two reasons I had that shirt on Connie – I liked the Hershey shirt, AND my FaffCon 4 shirt was a medium and sadly I’m a large so I basically didn’t get a shirt this year…glad I brought my old Faffy shirts. It’s all good. 🙂

    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. Hi Monk,

    It’s funny, I actually thought about that line about halfway through the list and thought about not using it. One never knows what sensitivity levels are out there but then it just seemed so funny to me that I went for it. Usually on those lines, they don’t occur to me so early that I think about them (which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing). Glad you enjoyed it.

    Best always,

  6. Well as a lady who certainly knows how to toss the lines as quick as a whip, those are very kind and special words. Thanks Natalie.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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