sponsoring faffcon 5 – all the cool kids are doing it!

Less than 30 days remain before FaffCon 5 in Charlotte, NC.

This year, I have been working with my friends Natalie Stanfield Thomas and Pam Tierney on selling sponsorships for FaffCon 5. They have been great to work with and I am very lucky to be on their team.

Last year when I worked on selling sponsorships for FaffCon 4 I was amazed how many voice-over talents bought sponsorships. This year, even more voice talents are sponsoring FaffCon 5– quite selflessly too because they don’t have much to sell to their peers, they just know that an event like FaffCon does not happen without financial support. Thanks to each of you.

We have many corporate sponsors too and we are SO grateful for them (thank you all).

If you are a voice-over talent or corporation who wants to support FaffCon 5 or get your message in front of business owners and leaders in the VO industry, please email me via my super-secret, double agent with a decoder ring code name- sponsorship at sign faffcon dot com.

There truly is NOT much time left, with art deadlines etc., looming. You can also reach me at 716-572-1800.


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