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It is the most over hyped day in America. A game and an event that allows the NFL’s already collectively outstretched egos to be supersized for 24 hours.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday.

While I may be risking legal life and limb even writing the ridiculously (in my opinion) over protected term Super Bowl (I don’t know the copyright law covering its usage in blogs that don’t produce any revenues), I do so in a marketing vein. Because, as everyone knows, you can’t have a Super Bowl without a Super Bowl logo.

To wit I came across this page of all the Super Bowl logos. You’d think that with all the money that goes towards this silliness, the selections would be a bit more eye catching but maybe I’m the one with bad taste.

While you watch hours of pre-game drivel, won’t you place your vote here for your single favorite logo version among all the Super Bowl logos?

And for the record, in spite of my superficial distain for such a mundane event…yeah I’ll watch it.

But only for the commercials.

3 Responses to “super bowl logos”

  1. Hey Peter, I’ll pick Super Bowl 23 for the 1988 season. The positioning in the middle brings to mind Superman’s logo for some reason. Those guys are super athletes and after today’s loss to the NY Giants, Tom Brady is going to have nightmares about that defense!
    – Ralph

  2. I would have to agree Ralph, I don’t think anyone from the Patriots will be holding on to their Super Bowl logoed swag from this year while the Giants of New York will clutch it tightly as they sleep at night.

    So far my fav logo is still Super Bowl 30 or XXX. The triple x logo may seem naughty for certain minds, really isn’t to mine….the color palette and the bold gold x’s with the Indian design (for Phoenix) just looks sharp I think. It’s a logo that would pass the test of time.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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