take aways from steve jobs and the iphone sales presentation

apple’s steve jobs with the iPhone

A great product or service alone does not ensure a financial windfall. There’s this little issue of selling.

Notice I didn’t say marketing…I mean selling, where the rubber meets the road.

Apple’s iPhone now appears to have achieved sales success. My theory has usually been when you sell out and also get a bunch of press about what doesn’t work on the product (cause people love to tear about a success, it makes them feel better about their lack of success) then you’ve probably developed a winner.

While the technology was pretty terrific, I think much credit goes to Steve Jobs’ masterful iPhone presentation at Mac World in early 2007 that enthralled the audience and the web (oh, yes, the presentation has been viewed a few thousand times).

If you are in sales and make presentations to clients, you should watch the whole Jobs iPhone presentation here.

Then you should review communications coach Carmine Gallo’s review of the Jobs’ speech in Business Week to learn how you can apply the principles of the Jobs’ i-Phone presentation to your presentations

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  1. Hey Peter,

    Hmmm… we were on the same wavelength again yesterday it would appear (I picked my news stories early Wednesday morning while out and about and recorded last night). Well, as they say, great minds think alike 🙂

    If you listen to VOX Talk Episode 37, the top news story is on the Apple iPhone and its record sales!

    Thanks for covering Steve Jobs and his keynote. We watched it the night it was released on the net with a bowl of chips and pop. You know you’re a technology geek when…



  2. Hey Steph:

    Thanks for visting. Yeah I think you, me and a few thousand other writers were fascinated with this one, a great sales presentation.

    And you and me are waaay late on writing about it too, trying googling it and see how many articles come up.

    Well, great minds….

    Best always,
    – Peter

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