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Peter K. O'Connell at FaffCon 6 _ photo by Heather Costa

I’m on a plane right now – maybe at 30,000 feet – flying back from FaffCon. WiFi in the air is a good thing.

Going back to see my family makes me very happy. I always miss them more than they know and I know it’s an imposition on Mrs. audio’connell to go days without me home to help (even as little help as I am). It’s humbling and I am more than grateful.

Leaving my FaffCon family, on the other hand, is sad, especially knowing I won’t see them for another year. And as happens, some past Faffers couldn’t join us (there is a limit on attendees after all) so again, a little sadness. Why?

These are people (past and present Faffers) who have shared their business, technology and performance knowledge (the “special, don’t ever really share with the public, peek behind the curtain type” stuff) with all the attendees in an effort to help others at the event grow their business. That kind of blatant, transparent and incredibly rare selflessness cannot help but make an impact on me (and others). These are the kinds of shared insights that you really won’t find in almost any other event or forum. Other voice-over conferences aren’t bad – they are just different. And for me FaffCon works best for my business. And my spirit.

There are many volunteers – many who just dive in at the event to help cause something needs doing (again, awesomeness). Yet there are two people who work so hard behind the scenes (and in front of the scenes) to make the event not just happen but to also make FaffCon completely relevant, educational and memorable that adequate thanks isn’t possible.

How do you thank people who change your professional life and encourage your spirit to work harder and do more in an industry where everyone is basically on their own as a business owner? The answer is you try and keep trying, hoping that the sum total of sincere thank yous to them at the end of time are so apparent that they feel the collective thanks in their body, mind and spirit. Maybe that will be enough.

To my friends Lauren McCullough and Amy Snively – thank you for including me (for as little as I contribute) to the FaffCon team, thank you for allowing me to learn among such talented and good people and thank you most of all for being my friends.

The next location has yet to be announced. But when FaffCon 7 happens lives will be changed again, friendship will be made and solidified again and the voice-over industry will be made stronger by people who are ever more committed to the art

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  1. Peter,

    Well said and spot on. We are some of the luckiest people in the world. We have made friendships that will last our lifetimes as we renew each year. I have never and do not expect to ever leave a Faffcon that hasn’t recharged me, inspired me and made a lasting and heartfelt connection I will lean upon for the months following our outing.

    Be grateful that we have all been brought together by a sincere group of professionals with our same beliefs, goals and energy.

    God bless everyone involved in every capacity of Faffcon and make their journey home to their anxious families a safe one.

    See you in Belize, or Jamiaca, Terra del Fuego or wherever they’ll allow us in October 2014. Thanks Amy & crew…

    Thanks Peter!


  2. Great post – thank you Peter. Couldn’t make Faffcon 6 fit into my schedule this year. So I was both FaffSick but very FaffHappy for all my VO friends enjoying each others’ company, learning a ton, and just flat out inspiring each other.

    I couldn’t agree more with the incomprehensible level of transparency and humility amongst fellow VO pros. I have never witnessed any other industry where “competitors” share their trade secrets and actually WANT their competition to succeed too. Amazing. Love it.

    Thanks Peter!

  3. Johnny,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I hope your travels home were uneventful and that you’re hard at work implementing all you learned.

    It was truly great to see you again.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  4. Hi Jordan

    While your name came up more than once as a “missing/missed” Faffer in San Antonio, you still understand what an amazing experience it is.

    Thanks for saying such nice things and I hope to see you at FaffCon 7 in (TBD)!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. […] I’m on a plane right now – maybe at 30,000 feet – flying back from FaffCon. WiFi in the air is a good thing. Going back to see my family makes me very happy. I always miss them more than they know and I know it’s an imposition on Mrs.  […]

  6. You summed it up nicely, Peter. As a first-timer, it was nice to meet you and all of the other Faffers. Thanks for taking time to give me insight on your marketing plan.

    Be well,

    Darrell Brown

  7. It was FAFFalutely ridiculous that I didn’t make this one, Pete! Sorry, I’ve always wanted to call you Pete but I am sure you hate that! Great blog! It’s tough to match the nuggets that are shared and the friendships made. No other event comes close to FaffCon. Thanks for filling in as guest host of the Voice Over Cafe as well. One thing is for sure; there is no way in hell I am missing the next one!

  8. Peter, thank you for putting words to the intangible value of FaffCon. To those who attended, don’t underestimate the value you bring to others and to those who couldn’t be with us this time, you were greatly missed!

  9. Peter

    Great to see you and actually sit next to you during the podcast. Hope it didn’t bother you brushing up against your side when I had to turn down the preamp everytime you made people crack up and almost let some pee loose in some cases.

    Your a super host, vo talent, and so glad to know I’ll see you again in a year (if not sooner!).


  10. Darrell

    First time Faffers help make each new FaffCon better because you bring fresh perspective and of course great talent to a great crew. Thanks for coming.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  11. Dear Xavier,

    I hope it’s OK that I call you Xavier, I’ve always wanted to call you Xavier 😉

    Terry thanks for letting me sit in your spot for Voice Over Cafe podcast. It was an unexpected invite to be part of a great show that brought back only the best parts of radio for me.

    See you soon.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  12. Jane,

    Besides being an awesome person in general, you are one of my living examples of the essence of FaffCon. As we are getting started for opening circle and Lauren needed me to hang the “wall” for her, you jumped right in and helped without question. So great!

    You are a wonderfully talented lady. Thanks for coming.

    – Peter

  13. Hi Sean

    It was very kind of you and Trish, Tom as well as Peter Bishop to let me guest host the Voice-Over Cafe podcast (pinch-hitting for Xavier Daniel who was out with a pinched hammy).

    The audience interaction makes the whole production even more terrific and of course FaffCon provided the key ingredient to a happy audience- snacks!!! Please let me know when it’s live and I’ll post a link here.

    Thanks again.

    Best always,

    – Peter

  14. Wonderful blog Peter. As a first time Faffer I am profoundly moved and astounded by all the generous nurturing that exuded from each and every individual, making the consciousness of the Faffcon collective a truly powerful commodity. I’ll live for another year on all of your kind words and just plain ole love. Dude – the improv was a blast!! And I’ll hold your grab bag anytime. : )

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