the nominees for the unofficial late night with jimmy fallon announcer auditions


With my sincere thanks to the 80 participants in this faux-dition and the gracious judges (all of whom admitted to some tough decisions) there are now terrific 10 nominees for you to vote on.

First, a little housekeeping (PLEASE READ)


1. The decision of audio’connell voice over talent is final

2. Nobody has a chance to get the real announcer job at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon because of this unofficial and very silly contest…plus the job has already been filled

3. Please choose your top three choices, numbering them 1, 2, 3 with your first choice (1) being your favorite (three different announcers, not three votes for one person, etc.)

4. Type your vote in the comment section of this blog post below

5. You may only vote once and you are on the honor system

6. Voting will end when I say it does, probably a couple of weeks I’m guessing

OK, the floor is yours. Have fun! Click HERE to listen to the nominees then please come back to vote below in the comment box.
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82 Responses to “the nominees for the unofficial late night with jimmy fallon announcer auditions”

  1. 1. Joey Williams

    2. Bill Elder

    3. Bruce Miles

    A tough choice…all brought something special to the mix!

  2. 1) Mike Elmore
    2) Tony Pasquale
    3) Allen Scofield

  3. OK – I guess as long as I’m not voting for myself, I can cast a vote right? If not, count mine out… but if I had to choose 3 but not me…

    1) Tony P.
    2) Bill E.
    3) Bruce M.

    Talk about tough, but this was “hecka fun” to say the least… looking forward to the next one Peter!

  4. And if Robert can try….so can I. These would be my callbacks (the top 3 anywayz)

    1. Elder
    2. Robertson
    3. Hantson

  5. 1. Mike Elmore

    2. Joey Williams

    3. Bill Elder

  6. 1. Robert Hantson
    2. Bruce Miles
    3. Bill Elder

  7. To our dearest Peter,

    I did quite a bit of listening and this is what I’ve come up with:

    1. Scott Larson
    2. Bill Elder
    3. Joey D. Williams

    I loved the colour some of these guys used in their deliveries. Great entries, all!



  8. […] For more information and to vote, visit the official voting page on […]

  9. Wow
    First, let me say I’m honored to be a finalist and second here’s my vote
    1. Lee Gordon
    2.Bruce Miles
    3 and me,, c’mon, I gotta vote for myself Scott Larson
    All the best everyone!

  10. 1. Scott Larson

    2. Mike Elmore

    3. Robert Hanston

  11. 1. Mike Elmore

    2.Robert Hantson

    3. Allen Scofield

  12. 1. Mike Elmore
    2. Joey Williams
    3. Tony Pasquale

  13. 1. Mike Elmore
    2. Joey Williams
    3. Tony Pasquale

  14. 1. Mike Elmore

    2. Joey Williams

    3. Bill Elder

  15. 1. Mike Elmore
    2. Joey Williams
    3. Tony Pasquale

  16. Lot’s of good stuff but Mike Elmore stands far ahead of the rest. If I had to go for 3 in order they’d be:

    2. tony p.
    3. joey w.

    M.E. is definately THE VOICE.

  17. haha…Thanks Mike…(he’s my brother)..just kidding

  18. 1. Mike Elmore — hands down was my favorite!

    Since I’m supposed to pick a 2nd and 3rd, being the rule follower that I am, I’ll go with…

    2. Joey Williams
    3. Robert Hantson

  19. 1. Mike Elmore
    2.Joey Williams
    3. Tony Pasquale

    Mike is numero uno in my book!

  20. Wow, tough decision. 10 incredible finalists.

    But here goes:

    1. Scott Larson

    2. George Robinson

    3. Joey Williams

  21. I listened a number of times. Here goes:
    1. Mike Elmore
    2. Bill Elder
    3. Bruce Miles

    It was hard to rank. They are all good. 🙂

  22. Here are the best ones.

    1. Mike Elmore

    2. Tony Pasquale

    3. Bill Elder

  23. -Tony Pasquale
    -Lee Gordon
    -George Robinson

  24. 1. Tony Pasquale
    2. Lee Gordon
    3. Allen Scofield

  25. 1) Mike Elmore
    2) Bruce Elder
    3) Joey D. Williams

  26. 1. Mike Elmore

    2. Joey Williams

    3. Bill Elder

  27. 1. Mike Elmore (Best combo of voice, “attitude”, and show-biz energy.)

    2. Tony Pasquale

    3. George Robinson (Great ending note, by the way!)

  28. 1. Tony Pasquale
    2. George Robinson
    3. Scott Larson

  29. 1.Mike Elmore

    2.Lee Gordon

    3.Scott Larson

  30. 1. Tony Pasquale

    2. Bruce Miles

    3. Lee Gordon

  31. 1. Tony P.
    2. Joey W.
    3. Mike E.

    I’m crushed that my totally lame “Richard Nixon does Don Pardo” complete with mispronunciation didn’t make the top 79. Better get Pat Fraley on the line. Sigh.

  32. Thanks EVERYONE for participating in the voting.