today our city is heartbroken


This morning I awoke to this news, as did you-

FOX NEWS – February 13 — Continental Airlines commuter plane coming in for a landing in Buffalo, N.Y., dove into a house in snowy, foggy weather, killing all 49 people on board and one person on the ground.

The crash of Flight 3407 sparked a fiery explosion. Firefighters worked through the night to douse the flames.

“The whole sky was lit up orange,” said Bob Dworak, who lives less than a mile from the crash site. “There was a big bang, and the house shook.”

It was the first fatal crash of a commercial airliner in the U.S. in 2 ½ years.

Witnesses heard the twin turboprop aircraft sputtering before it went down in light snow and fog around 10:20 p.m. Thursday.

Flames silhouetted the shattered home after Continental Connection Flight 3407 plummeted into it about five miles from Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Because of the kindness and concern of my friends, I sent out this – very awkward to write – email that you may have seen:

This is one email I never thought I would ever send and if I wasn’t on your mind today I hope you will forgive the intrusion.

Because many of you know I travel lot, I have been getting calls and emails making sure I was OK following the tragic plane crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 in my hometown of Buffalo, NY last night.

I was not on that plane nor was I even traveling yesterday. Thank you for your concern.

As is the case with any tragedy, when the passenger list is announced many lives will be changed forever. So I would like to ask you -whatever your religious persuasion – to say a prayer for the victims of the crash…those on the plane and those left behind.

Today our city is heartbroken.

Best always
– Peter

That last part about the prayers…please.

4 Responses to “today our city is heartbroken”

  1. I was so saddened to hear about this .. Really glad you weren’t traveling at the time, Peter. Apparently, there was a Canadian from Fort Erie on board too. Hearing some of the eyewitness accounts on the news was just downright frightening and really heartrending too. :-/ My prayers go out to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.

  2. Prayers to all. And VERY thankful you were home safe.

    After all the joy after “The Miracle on the Hudson” this was even more sad.



  3. Yes unfortunately there was a resident from Fort Erie on the plane. Because of the variety of flights and their low cost I’ve traveled with a number of Canadians from as far away as TO. Around here, Buffalo is Fort Erie and Fort Erie is Buffalo as everybody travels back and forth. Just a drag. But we’ll get through it! Thanks.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  4. Hi Liz:

    Yeah I got a couple of notes with that sentiment. Sadly not all planes incidents turn out so well. It seems most don’t. We’ll keep moving forward!

    Best always,
    – Peter