twitter picks you up at the airport


Today my friend and client Leesa Barnes came to Buffalo to speak at a lunch seminar hosted by the Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives. She didn’t come in from her hometown Toronto either, she flew in via Las Vegas having attended and presented at the National Association of Broadcasters convention there.

Having gone through airplane connection hell in her travels back, Leesa tweeted me this AM asking if I would be able to pick her up at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. After we agreed to the fare… (just kidding!)

Glad to see her in action, presenting “Be Marketing Fit: 3 Ways to Get Active Using Social Media”. The 30+ in attendance really enjoyed her content as did I.

Leesa and I first met up in Toronto when Social Media and Social Networking were first starting via an international on-line networking group called Ryze. The Toronto Ryze chapter actually had in-person meetings and I would go up to TO and make contacts. That group eventually faded away.

Then she told me about the first Podcamp Toronto, which was great. Subsequently I’ve done voice over work for her podcasting clients and her podcasts as well.

But there you have another use for Twitter and Social Media…hailing a cab, or a ride anyway, from the airport. Monetize that, pal! 🙂

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  2. It was wonderful seeing you in Buffalo. I enjoyed the group, they were so eager to learn.

    I love how Twitter helped you and I connect. I think I tweeted you from the JFK airport and by the time I touched down in Buffalo, you called my cell letting me know you could pick me up.

    I just love Twitter.

  3. Yes, Twitter was/is a great tool. It will be interesting to see if the recent Neilsen study holds up or is shot down. The study holds that 60% of users that sign up in one month are gone by the next month. An opposing opinion I read today claimed the Neilsen study used the wrong metrics and made a pretty good case for how and why.

    I often wonder if sometimes stories like the 60% are drummed up by Twitter competitors to try and unhinge the stranglehold. Facebook would never try something like that right? 😉

    Stay tuned,

    Best always,
    – Your Driver