voice 2010 – don’t be shy, say hello

Voice Over Talent Peter K. O'Connell

I’m not sure if it’s cause I look old and decrepit or what, but when I go to professional events, people who know of me but who I don’t really know yet (except maybe sort of on line) often say “Hello Mr. O’Connell, my name is Ken and I’ve (read your blog / seen your videos / listened to your demos / got a warrant here for your arrest etc.)”

Mr. O’Connell?

It’s a sign of respect that I’ve offered to people as well and it’s certainly appreciated…but with me, it’s also unnecessary.

I noticed it a bit at the Voice Talent Production mixer and some other professional events…I’m not any type of hot shot but people know of me and that I’ve been doing VO for a while (a long, arduous while) and so they wonder if it’s OK to say hi to me.

It’s more than OK, it’s encouraged! I’m looking forward to meeting YOU!

And I cannot think of anyone at this week’s conference who should be considered unapproachable.

So as we approach VOICE 2010 and you see me in a conference room or in the hall way or on the corner selling pencils, don’t be shy, say hi.

But say your name slowly, clearly and repeat it because I’m old and decrepit. 😉

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