voice actors from “family guy” at work

Stewie from Fox TV’s Family Guy

I do love the tv show Family Guy.

The first time I heard Stewie’s voice in a Fox Network promo, I laughed out loud and usually the promos aren’t THAT funny.

It was a treat for me to come across this footage of the “Family Guy” voice actors working on a show. I hope you enjoy it too.

4 Responses to “voice actors from “family guy” at work”

  1. Very rarely does my husband sprint from one room to another…this one got him! We are both huge Family Guy fans and own all the DVD’s. It was the first present I got my hubby after we met…over 4 years ago…the full box set!

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Dear Penny:

    No problem…one of the missions of this blog is to help husbands everywhere do more sprinting.

    After you’re married a while, you’ll notice husbands sprint less and waddle more…its a sad state 😉

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. I just started to watch this show. IT IS SO HORRIBLE you can’t stop watching. Now I know why my teenage son loves it!

  4. Hey Chris,

    Family Guy I guess is one of those guilty pleasures in life…great fun!

    Best always,

    – Peter

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