voice-over body shop desperate for a guest, asks o’connell for help on monday’s show

Peter K. O'Connell Voice-Over Body Shop March 2016

It’s probably tough to get guests with the Easter holiday coming up. Which is why I think I was booked for this Monday’s Voice-Over Body Shop starring George Whittham and Dan Lenard.

If memory serves I was a guest (and a fill-in guest at that) on this show’s 4th episode but it was a very different show back then. Ah wait, here’s the LINK to that show.

Dan Lenard Peter K. O'Connell East West Audio Body ShopMy recollection was that the show and internet TV technology was very different back in 2011 and not always reliable. Video feeds would go down and shows would have interesting images that stayed up a while during downtimes.

I also went out to Dan’s old home in East Amherst, NY to be on camera with Dan within his voice-over studio.┬áNow I’ll be sharing my own feed from my studio.

The story of the show, initially called East-West Body Shop before Dan Lenard moved out to Hollywood this past fall, is truly the story of the little show that could. Two voice-over tech guys (Dan also has had a long career as a voice talent) found a niche and really build an impressive following. Along the way, they have interviewed almost every major voice-over personality and executive imaginable, from talents, to producers and casting directors.

They took a risk, they worked through the kinks, they re-imagined the medium and made something pretty great.

Except for this Monday.

At least part of that show likely won’t be so great. Maybe they can fix it in post.

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