voicing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh

 A Winter Storm Whips Across Lake Erie South of Buffalo, NY

A Winter Storm Whips Across Lake Erie South of Buffalo, NY

Saturday, I willingly left the 75 degrees and Sunny skies of Ft. Meyers, FL to come back to all this. Oy.

Some of you may have come across a little item in your local newspaper about some snow that’s currently surrounding Buffalo, NY, where I have my voice-over studio. My voice-over business has been more impacted by some brief laryngitis than the crazy snowfall, fortunately.

We’re all fine here inside audio’connell’s Studio A as the City of Buffalo and everything North has not been bothered by much snow (we had about 4 inches come down in a few hours this AM ((11/19/14)), then bright sunshine). The audio’connell-ettes are enjoying Snow Days off from school and Mrs. audio’connell would just like to get out of the house for a little while. My VO pal Leslie Diamond who lives about 25 minutes north of me in Clarence, New York was in a Google Hangout with me last night and reported no real weather issues either.

The majority of this storm has dramatically and adversely impacted areas SOUTH of Buffalo, NY (know here as the Southern Tier Snowbelt). Over 70 inches of snow has covered some (not all areas), leaving some cars, trucks and buses stranded on highways and, to date, 4 storm related deaths have been reported (which is 4 too many).

But, these hardy, resourceful folks in the Southern Tier know well what the winters are like there (this is not their first winter rodeo) so most are well equipped to deal with snow. Probably not 70 inches of snow, I’ll grant you but I believe they will get through this…it’s a the City of Good Neighbors, we help each other out.

Tonight, things will get interesting again. The Southern Tier has been given today off by Mother Nature with their storm system moving off to the North (hence our morning snowfall today at Studio A) so Southern Tier can try and dig out. However a new band of snow trouble will start in the North (my neck of the woods) during the overnight Thursday and then (sorry to say) head South again to the same area that got walloped Tuesday.

Snow storms aren’t fun but I’ll take them any day over hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and tsunamis. Now back to the voice-over recording, already in progress.

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