walt disney sound effects and other early audio tricks

reel to reel audio editing

I get funny looks for audio production students when I tell them that when I started in radio “100 years ago” we edited audio on audio tape with a wax pencil, razor blades and ¼” editing tape.

“You mean like sticky tape to hang things on the wall?”

Um, no. Never mind.

I had to have sounded the same way when I first started out when I heard about the audio tricks of those who came before me. Those ladies and gentlemen were true pioneers, not in the Conestoga Wagon kind of way but in the wonderfully inventive “MacGyver” way.

I bring this up to share with you a site I’ve come across that features a variety of technical articles reproduced for your reading pleasure on a blog called Modern Mechanix which I believe (correct me if I’m wrong here) was a tech mag “back in the day” (you do realize that today will be “back in the day” for someone in the future, right? Just checking.)

The post that first drew my attention was an article from 1937 on how Walt Disney Studios designed its sound effects…written by the folks who did it. There are a ton of other great radio and audio related articles with the hits and misses from creative people who tried…and to me, that’s the whole ball game. Try and succeed, try and fail but just “try”.

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  1. This is fantastic Peter! Thank you! What a dream job, to be able to create sounds 🙂

    I forwarded this on to several friends I know who will love reading it!


  2. Glad to oblige, Kara. This fella who has this site is an impressive collector!

    Best always,
    – Peter