welcome oregon voiceover talent to the blog

Another example now of the value of Google Alerts (I don’t know how many times I am going to have to remind you people!) 😉 is the alert I saw featuring the blog for Oregon Voice Over Talent. This seems to be a group of voice talents (in Oregon…imagine that) who have conjoined their marketing strength into a supersonic, lalapoloooza web site and blog.

Because of social media, some of the names seem familiar to me, especially Vicki Amorose. I’m surprised they haven’t connected yet with their newest VO resident, my friend and the great voice talent Dan Nachtrab, who now enjoys a close personal relationship with actress Julia Roberts.

At any rate, now I am a subscriber to their blog and I hope you will be too.

2 Responses to “welcome oregon voiceover talent to the blog”

  1. Be careful…the blog article by David Brower: “On The Road” is littered with spam comments. Not a nice Christmas present:)

    somebody gots some splainin’ to do…

    Happy To-BLOG-ganing Peter!

    ~ Ralph Hass

  2. Thanks Ralph, Merry Christmas to the Haas’!

    Best always,
    – Peter