where is peter off to now?

Where's Waldo or Where's Peter?

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you know that I am a bit of a traveler. I have happily visited my voice-over friends from around the United States (from Vermont to Seattle) and Canada (from Toronto to, um…Toronto).

I’ve even kept a running log of how many states I have stayed over night in all my life and have ONLY 13 more states to go before I will have stayed over night in every state in the Union!

But there is a trip planned for THIS summer that will be the biggest trip I’ve taken in decades!!!

I will be landing in a place that is familiar but still fairly unknown to me. I expect it will be, quite seriously, life changing.

Would you like to go on this journey with me?

Stay tuned to this blog all summer long for updates and visits that I will document along the way.

I won’t be so much ‘shaking it off’ as I will be shaking it up!

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride with me. As with most things I do, this will be fun!

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