why radio sucks when it doesn’t have to

Voice Talent_BILL ST. JAMES

If a guy does a radio show across the country for 25 YEARS – do you think maybe you could let him say goodbye to his listeners if his tenure on the show comes to an end?

Especially if the show is pre-recorded?

The story from ALL ACCESS reported that Bill didn’t get to say that “goodbye” and that Matt Pinfield will take over St. James’ show “Flashback” (OK, he was the host, not the producer – but he was host for 25 years!)

I don’t know Bill St. James and I was not an addict of the show but I certainly knew of the show and know of his fine voice work.

I don’t really care what kind of political BS maybe involved in any of this…there’s a respectful and dignified way to end something like this. But it didn’t happen that way…again!

I think way St. James was treated here, as described, unnecessarily sucks.

Doesn’t it just seem wrong to you, or should I just stop caring?

5 Responses to “why radio sucks when it doesn’t have to”

  1. This sucks! I always loved Flashback w/St. James and recently started listening again just to hear him, but noooooooo some douche-bag Matt Pinfield is on…no disrespect dude, but you suck…

  2. and he has a lisp….great!

  3. It’s tough to be sure to be the NEW guy. People need to get used to him and give him a fair shake My guess is Matt was offered the job by the producers who 86’d St. James so I won’t bury Matt in all this.

    I fault the producers who didn’t let Bill get a proper sign off.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Best always ,
    – Peter

  4. I’m actually his daughter and I can tell you honestly that he was sad to see it end, but he has a new radio show produced my himself called Time Warp! He’s a good guy, trust me. Not only a great announcer but an awesome father.

  5. I have to apologize to Matt. I heard a couple Flashbacks with Matt and he’s a good guy.

    I guess, I was frustrated that Bill was not able to sign off as he so rightfully deserved. I found and love Time Warp, Thanks!