write a short story on twitter in exactly 140 characters


This is a brilliant idea and it must get props.

Brian Clark over at Copyblogger has this awesome idea: tell a short story on Twitter in exactly 140 characters.


Anyone who Tweets (posts) on Twitter only has 140 characters in which to get a thought across. Brian’s idea is to tell a short (140 character) story on Twitter. That includes punctuation, spacing, everything. Oh and it has to be intresting and engaging.

Here’s an example from Brian whose great idea will send lots of traffic to his great web site:

Three flies are bugging me on the deck. I kill two, and spare the third. “Go tell the others this is what happens,” I warn as he buzzes off.

Brian is giving away a prize of some sort for the winner but that doesn’t matter as the real prize is in the doing! You win simply by creatively expressing yourself in 140 characters.

You can read my entry here.

If you enter, after you post on Twitter and on Copyblogger, would you please post a link to your entry in the comment box here? We all want to read your prose.

Come on, it’ll be seconds and seconds of fun! You gotta try!

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “write a short story on twitter in exactly 140 characters”

  1. Hi Peter,
    I came here via your trackback on Copyblogger and I have to say, I liked your post and I think your entry is a really good contender for the [amazing] prizes.

    By the way, if you’ve been trying to follow the entries at all you may be interested in this tidbit: I was getting fed up with flicking back and forth between CB and twitter, so I put together an aggregated list where all entries can be viewed in one place. If you share the same frustration, you may want to check it out; just head over to my blog Smithereens, a quick explanation and links to two different views are there.

    I will be back to check your posts again, keep up the good work here.


    Daniel Smith
    Smithereens Blog

  2. Daniel:

    Thanks for the kind words and the link. Its a great contest and fun for everyone!

    Best always,
    – Peter